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We will be having news, reviews and other stuff going on, at the moment we are trying to build the foundations of what will be a good site for fans to come.

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We can, because we are the Antifan....

Welcome to Antifan!

Welcome to Antifan... 

So what does 2014 have in store for Transformers fans?

Well, to begin with the Transformers brand is 30 years old!

Form Hasbro / Takara we have all of the excitement of the upcoming Generations releases such as Whirl, Windblade and many more.

Then we have the Masterpieces – Wheeljack, Bumblebee, Ultra Magnus and Star Sabre.

Not forgetting as well, the one thing that the fandom LOVES to HATE, the upcoming Transformers movie – ‘Age of Extinction’. With Hasbro trying to reimagine the brand and sell more figures to it’s key demographic (kids), fandom has already gone amusingly ape at the recently revealed ‘simplified’ toys, missing out on key elements communicated from Hasbro such as the fact that “Hasbro will continue to make complex Transformers for adult fans who have collected the toys since their inception 30 years ago. But the new design is intended to re-engage parents and children, who found the transformations too challenging.” I find this interesting really. There has been a noticable shift with Hasbro and collectors in the last 24 months, with Hasbro seemingly separating stuff aimed at the collector from stuff aimed at kids. But the fanbase doesn’t seem to be taking it well….

There are many new releases slated for this year including the soon to land ‘Perfect Effect Warden’, PE’s very own version of IDW Fort Max. With 7 modes, a headmaster gimmick AND G1 Fort Max compatibility, he’s shaping up to be nothing less than awesome!

Unique Toys try to grab some more fans with their upcoming ‘Maniaking’ – a reimagining of the King of Insane himself, Galvatron… This is to be followed by sound Mixer – their version of Blaster.

Sticking with Blaster, he has another figure coming out from a company called Mega Steel. This looks like a voyager version which ‘borrows’ its transformation sequence from Hasbro MP Soundwave. What is further interesting is that they are rumoured to be doing a Soundwave too. I can see that getting a bit naughty…

Over to Fans favourite Fansproject for some interesting Q1 releases, rumoured to include the latest Headmaster- the still to be named Not-mindwipe, and their own interpretation of Roadbuster who is part of their popular ‘Warbot’ range.

The last two members of their Retro combiner are on the cusp of release too.

Maketoys main offering to look forward too is their interpretation of Computron, which should be amazing if their previous combiner (Giant) is anything to go by.

Fanstoys are releasing ‘Scoria’, their homage to Dinobot Slag. If Quakewave is anything to go by he could be contender for 3P release of 2014. Quakewave was THAT amazing.

Mastermind creations continue to pump out their Predaking. It has had a lot of delays but is shaping up to be a combiner to be reckoned with. With their teases of an Arcee, Overlord and a Nova Prime figure, it should be a busy year for them.

TFC up their game by releasing not one,  but two combiners pretty much at the same time. Having only just started on Ares, their very own predaking, the company is now planning to release ‘Prometeus’, their Defensor figure – starting with ‘Gumball’ – their version of Streetwise.

KFC have a slew of cassette robots to release, and no doubt another Mugen variant, what is most interesting from them is their Ultra Magnus figure, rumoured to be MP scale.