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Time for a Revolution - A Review of FP Warbot Revolver

Posted by wysiwig2001 on February 2, 2014 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (1)

PRODUCT NAME: Warbot Revolver


RELEASE DATE: Early 2014


Firstly before I start, I would like to say a really big thank you to Tony over at chimungmung toys for hooking me up with this figure... it is very much appreciated.

Fansproject have for the last few years, been releasing  robots in a line they call "Warbots". This line started with Fansproject's take on Springer - Defender, and was then followed up by two great figures, there own character - Steelcore, and then their own take on Broadside - Assaulter. As we had heard nothing for a while, and seeing as FP were seeming to concentrate on their Function X line, people thought that this line had been pushed to the back. But fear not, as Fansproject have pulled the rabbit out of the hat again, by a surprise release of the next robot in the Warbot line - Revolver.

Based on the G1 Roadbuster figure, this guy is big and blocky, and in my eyes a fantastic homage to the original character, with the colour palette being faithfully used to full affect! However this being a Fansproject product, means that they had to put there own twist on it. The headsculpt and detailing are great, and all the nice little paint apps and touches they have put on really give it character.

As with Steelcore, Revolver encorporates the use of the "Core technology" concept. Very similar to Transformers powermasters, this means that you get a smaller robot whom turns into an engine/bodypiece, that in turn plugs into the figure. I like this concept, although it only really adds the playability of a small robot to the set, and nothing more, which is a shame.

Unlike Steelcore though, this time he plus into the back instead of the chest. Why this was done I feel is that the G1 Roadbuster chest is iconic, as everyone know the orange square. I think if they had of used the small robot for the robo chest,  it would of taken that Roadbuster aesthetic away. Speaking of the little guy...

He is great!!! I love the goggles that have been painted onto his head! Again thumbs up to Fansproject for the paint apps, it just adds so much more to what could of been something unnecessary. Articulation on this little guy is good, with moveable arms, and legs, he even has a head swivel, but this is more down to transformation.

Size wise, in robot mode Revolver is slightly taller then Steelcore, but when standing them side by side, you can tell they are from the same line. The quality and feel of them both just makes them work together well. Articulation as always is good, with good knee, arm and shoulder joints - and yes it has ankle tilts. The head however due to design is quite restricted, so he is unable to look far left or right.

Transformation is quite easy to vehicle mode, and the end result just looks fantastic! This armoured APV just has that "I mean business" look about it! When his clones Riftshot and Recoil are released, the three of them together will just rock your shelf. And with the added parts from them both, your Revolver is going to rock!

Overall, again Fansproject have done a stirling job in terms of producing a figure that homages a G1 character, but then by adding their own little touches, they have made it their own. If you can get this figure do it! I know Hasbro are working on there own version for the generations line, but I do believe the two can co-exist on a shelf nicely.  Now please can Fansproject get to work on their own version of Whirl!!

3rd Party - G1 Style - A review of Fansproject RetroFuture Fangro

Posted by wysiwig2001 on February 1, 2014 at 4:00 AM Comments comments (0)


SERIES: Retrofuture



PRICE: $39.99 ($29.99 via

A quick word from the reviewer:

Well after a lot of though, I have decided to jump into the game of reviewing figures. This is my first review, so I would expect over time for my reviews to get better, and feedback would be appreciated.

Back in 2009/10, Fansproject released some artwork sketches for upcoming products that they were working on, these included theur version fo Broadside (Warbot Assaulter), the Protector Armour, and something else. This something else was what appeared to be a G1 inspired gestalt team, simply known as the Glacialbots (pics courtesy of TFW2005)

Then after this.... NOTHING! Everything on this project went quiet and people had thought that it had been shelved. Now fast forward to Summer 2013, and all of a sudden, and ou of the blue, Fansporject released the first two figures in this line, and people were shocked. For this was not a highly articulated transformer like their previous offerings, oh no, this was a G1 style toy!! Complete with fake damaged boxes and styrofoam inserts, Fansproject had gone all out to try and recreate that G1 feel, whilst encorporating some modern engineering. 

Available at conventions first, and then later on through the FPcore website -, the fans reaction to these wre ate first mixed, but after the reality had sunk in, fans started to realise that maybe, just maybe, Fansproject were onto something here. Since then we have seen the release of all 5 Glacialbots (reviews on the other  members upcoming) and the success of these has led to Fansproject ordering a second run from the Factory.  Could fansproject be onto a winner.. in my eyes.. YES! 

Now  that is enough backstory, here is the review.

Fangro is based of a sabretooth tiger, but as with the 3rd party retrofuture line, he is a g1 inspired robotic design. Using mainly red, grey and yellow, he is made to stand out on a shelf, and this gives him great presence.

Articulation is limited to just his legs and mouth, but what would else would you expect from a G1 inspired toy?

As the idea of retro future is G1, fansproject added a nice tough by including a half used sticker sheet. This allows you to sticker up the figure , whilst also bringing back those childhood memories of putting stickers on your G1 toys. a great touch if you ask me. The stickers add so much more feel to the figure, that the feeling of nostalgia just gets to you.

Now Fansproject being whom they are have been known to always put gimmicks in with there toys, and this one is no exception. Included with the Robotic tiger is this little guy:

Again articulation on this guy is very limited, with only moveable arms and legs, but it is how he interacts with the tiger that makes this all so much more worth it.

Firstly by sliding a panel on the back of the tiger, you are able to slot this guy in and enable him to ride the tiger in his "BEAST RIDER" mode. Although completely unecessary, this is a little touch that adds to the charm of the figure.

But that is not all, he has one other little gimmick that I will tell you guys about in a moment.

Transformation on this guy is very very simple.. it is just a case of folding the animal legs back, pulling off the tiger ehad and tail, and then extended the robot legs downs.. the voila.. you have a robot body with no head or chest... hang on wait a minute...

Yes you guessed it, in anothe rtouch of brilliance, Fansproject have taken the Headmaster idea, and turned it into a head/chest master!! By folding the little guy up, you can just slot him into the robot chest cavity, and then that completes Fangro!

But wait, there is more!! Remember the parts you pulled off? Well these can also be combined into a cathead gun, which I think looks pretty cool.

Fansproject have thought of everything with regards to this, and have made sure that no piece is left, which is good considering I hate parts forming!!

In robot mode, articulation is again basic, with just moveable arms. But again due to the colour pallette, Fangro stands out on your shelf and I am constantly picking him up and fiddling with him. He is just so retro you can't help but love him. Size wise he is small, but as a G1 inspired combiner limb, I would not have expected anything else.

Overall, I would have to take my hat off to Fansproject for pulling this off so well! You would think in todays age of modern engineering that something like this would have no place in the current time, but it does. Using their know how and adding all those little nice touches is what makes this stand out for me as a great little figure, and ok yes you are essential paying $30 for a brick, but this brick brings back so many good memories, you can't help but smile when you have it in hand. 

These figures are not going to appeal to everyone, but if you have a slight hankering for G1, this is definitely the way to go, I can only hope that these will be successful enough for Fansproject to continue this line.

The Warlord Rises....

Posted by Administrator on January 29, 2014 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Unique Toys  WARLORD (UT-W01 – 05) Not – Predaking.                      (26/01/2014)


This fella has caused quite a stir. Lets have a look at what all of the fuss is about…


UT Warlord is the first combiner from new company on the block, Unique Toys.

Originally based on a Custom Predaking seen on one of the fan forums, this guy is the first of the 3 current 3P Predaking combiners to be released in full.

There has been a lot of negative feedback however. Some of it unwarranted but I’m not going to lie, there are some fundamental flaws with this figure and it’s componenets. Lets take a closer look…


Warlord is Unique Toys version of Predaking, a Decepticon Combiner whos origins hark back to the good ol’ days of Generation One.

He comprises of 5 robotic animals – A Lion, Tiger, Rhino, Bull and Eagle, all in a rather unified orange, black and gold colour scheme.


The first thing you notice about these figures is how close the designs are to the original G1 figures.

They literally are the G1 designs with extra features such as bend knees, arm & leg swivels and neck articulation. The articulation on the set is slightly limited, more akin to releases such a Classics Starscream or Universe Hound, rather than the multi poseable Generations figure of the last couple of years.

Whilst not a deal breaker for this reviewer it is important to note that some posability is lost when the robots are in individual robot mode. There are no ankle tilts on any of the figures and only Sharpclaw (Razorclaw) has wrist swivels. The figures however do feature leg swivels and arm swivels, lending a degree of posability.

Only a couple of the heads are ball jointed which again, reduces poses.

The figures are pretty easy to convert to beast mode even though the instructions aren’t 100% helpful. There actually seems to be more posability on the beasts legs than the robots arms, partly to do with the transformation sequence, but it adds a nice touch in beast mode and makes the group look less squared.

Each of the members has his own hand weapon and Gun. Like the G1 version, the swords have no use other than in individual robot modes. The hand guns, however, are quite clever. There are 5 separate guns, all of which combine to make Predakings main gun. This works really well with the finished result looking how I would expect it. The gun can then be mounted on his arm like on the original.

Transforming the robots to animal and then limbs is relatively easy, especially if you are familiar with the original figures.

It is when transforming that more of the products flaws begin to show. With the first release, Warhawk, there are no tabs or clips on the inside of the legs to keep them in place in beast mode. Whilst not terrible thing, it does promote the possibility of the legs sliding back out or knocking out of position. With the next two releases, Savagbull and Ironhead, clips have been added to the inside leg. Whilst these do keep the legs firmly in position, they do the job perhaps too well and have a tendency to get stuck in place promoting stressing or cracking. On the last of the limbs, Violence (I love that name…;), There are pegs in place of the clips, which out of all of the methods, is the best.

It seems that they may have still been developing while producing to a degree otherwise I would have thought that all of the figure would have the same method of keeping the legs in place.

The plastic on all of the figures, whilst quite thick, does not like bending and is not as malleable as say, the plastics used for Fansproject or even TFC products.  The fist on Ironhead has stressed a little just by him holding his gun. It just means that I have to be a bit more mindful when transforming him, making sure I don’t force stuff and take shortcuts.

As we know, the main event for this figure is Predaking himself and for all of the individual figures flaws, the combined mode makes you forget all about them. For a little while…

The transformation and combination process is relatively easy, especially if you are familiar with the original toy. Violence and Warhawk make the arms and Ironhead and Savagebull create the legs leaving Sharpclaw to form the main torso.

As well as the team members there are several included parts to create Predaking, much like the original.

A fist is added to each of the arm components. The fists are actually quite awesome and add a lot to the design, making it unique to UT (excuse the pun). There are small spikes on his knuckles and a massive spike coming out of each side of his hands. This guy isn’t gunning for CE markings, that much is obvious…

The feet (which can also be mounted on Savagebull and Ironheads back in beast mode) attach simple to the legs using two standard pegs. After a bad experience with FP Colossus,  I don’t believe that pegging feet in this way is very substantial, I much prefer the TFC way, but they seem sturdy and look ace. Interestingly, the feet have Green LEDs in them. If Predaking could breakdance, it would look pretty darn snazzy.

Combining his is simple enough, there was a lot of interference with mine that seems to have eased over transformations, I haven’t had to trim anything or ‘make’ parts fit but I know there are some people out there who have had to do this.

He also has a waist / abdominal section that needs to be added. This is literally 2 sets od moulded plastic that slide into place on the front and back of the figure giving him his waist and yellow hip protectors. People who don’t like ‘parts forming’ will probably be adverse to this design feature, it doesn’t bother me as I’m well used to having to put parts on combiners such as the Fansproject offerings and even the Original G1 characters.

Sharpclaw comes packaged with a massive set of wings to be used in combined mode. These are basically an up scaled version of Warhawks wings, designed to sit on the back of the figure, giving him his famous winged look. Sharpclaws shoulder cannons can either be used as an extra shoulder connector or can be attached directly to the top of his backpack (which is my personal preference).

When fully combined, Predaking has all of the articulation you would expect in a modern combiner, swivels at every point, leg tilts and good head movement.

There is a problem with Sharpclaw in that one of his legs has come loose on the pin and swivels freely. There is a fix for this as it seems to be a common problem, hopefully Unique Toys will address such things for future releases. I don’t mind loose screws but loose pins is a no no for me.

So, what do I think of it then?

In short – I really like him. I can see what Unique have tried to do. They’ve put out a product to go in direct competition with the big boys. Each figure comes in a nice box, has a Bios card and full colour instructions / comic. They have stuck to their release dates which is admirable, however there is a trade off between getting the product out on time and making sure it is the right quality.

I feel the latter may have let Unique down a little bit but with the same Character being released by 2 other established companies – I can see why they wanted theirs done and dusted.

At full price, this guy is not worth it. It is as simple as that. RRP on the limbs was almost the same as one of the Crossfire bots from Fansproject and there is no comparison.

However, as the other two Predaking are slowly released, I can see the price of this figure coming down a lot, if you can get it all for less than £150, I can recommend it.

Me personally, I did get mine cheap – I really can’t afford any of the other Predakings for the moment and I am entirely chuffed with my decision.  For me, he is a total G1 update and he fits in with my other combiners nicely. When fully combined he is the same height (if not taller) than TFC Hercules and almost looks like he has more mass.

If you can live with a few minor flaws and work with this guy and are on a budget but still want a Predaking fix, then this guy is definitely worth a look in.